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File Version Release Date
Open Source FLV Player v 4.2 4.2 4/28/2010
Open Source FLV Player v 4.05 4.05 3/17/2010
Open Source FLV Player v 3.1 3.1 11/2/2009
Open Source FLV Player v 3.0 3.0 7/14/2009
Open Source FLV Player v 2.2.6 2.2.6 4/23/2009
Open Source FLV Player v 2.1.5 2.1.5 3/26/2009
Open Source FLV Player v 2.0.5 2.0.5 1/28/2008


4/28/2010: OSFlvPlayer 4.2 has better functionality to load FLVs and has a bug fix for a null movie path as well as a null preview image path.

4/20/2010: OSFlvPlayer 4.1 has a bug fix for the flash var previewimage being left null.

3/18/2010: OSFlvPlayer 4.05 the AS 3.0 player with an updated control bar.

11/16/2009: The OSFLV Player v3.1 download package has been updated with a new SWF file.

11/2/2009: Functionality improvement: Post-Image is now passed in as a Flash Var, thus allowing you to have multiple players on a page that each use a different Post-Image.

7/14/2009: Bug fix - the blank white bar now aligns correctly while the video is loading.

5/26/2009: Version 3.0beta is officially released as Version 3.0 4/27/2009: Design improvements to control panel including drop shadow and spacing adjustments. 4/27/2009: Poster image functionality built-in. You have to float your poster image beside player.swf and it must be called “postImage.jpg”. Instruction txt file included in v3beta bundle. 4/27/2009: A much smarter horizontal volume slider with better mute and level detection. 4/23/2009: Bug Fix for Autoload. v 2.2.6 now available. 3/30/2009: Pre-Loader added. 3/30/2009: New control panel. Larger volume control with Mute capability. Simple play/pause button. 3/26/2009: A volume on/off (mute) toggle button has been added to the player. 3/26/2009: Over and Down states have been added to the play and pause buttons. 1/29/2008: A bug in both version of the player has been fixed. This bug prevented the player from working if autoload was set to false and autoplay was set to true. Files updated: player.fla, player8.fla, player.swf, player8.swf. 1/29/2008: A bug in flash/flash.php has been fixed. Much thanks to Björn Brachlow for finding it. 1/28/2008: A bug in flash/flash.php has been fixed. 1/22/2008: A minor bug in flash/flash.php has been fixed. Much thanks to Olaro for finding it.

Changes since RC1

  • Clickable video area!
  • Bundled with a new version of the PHP library

Changes since beta

  • Volume Control! (old style still available)
  • Changeable foreground and background colors!
  • Code Generator Fixed, Updated
  • Appears grayed out while loading
  • Most controls frozen until loaded
  • Better error handling. Error message doesn’t stretch anymore.
  • TONS of bug fixes

Changes since version 1

  • Complete overhaul of the codebase
  • All actionscript moved into the first frame
  • Error message if embeded wrong (replaces instructional error message)
  • Renaming of objects
  • Several bug fixes, some redundant code removed
  • Slider and play bar are less jerky
  • Slider works if slid outside movie area
  • ‘Shine’ effect added on the main bar
  • Play button keeps aspect ratio
  • Support for mute and volume embed parameters
  • Support for loop embed parameter
  • Support for autorewind embed parameter
  • Support for autoload embed parameter
  • Javascript based tool to generate embed code included in the distribution
  • Demo and generated code automatically selected between the Flash 8 version and Flash 9 version, with the only difference being fullscreen support.

Download our logos for your blog or website! Click on the logo to download it.

osflv_logo smallosflv_logo

Click here to download the GPLv3 License.

101 Responses to “Download Open Source Player”

  1. Mike says:

    I want to try it

  2. alex says:

    awesome player :D

  3. George says:

    Trent you are a genius! So thrilled about the player!

  4. Will says:

    I’d like to know how to install this on my site to replace the seyret player.

  5. david1973 says:

    Do you distribute this player under GPL licence ?
    For example, can I use it in a high school to stream courses for students ?

  6. admin says:

    Yes. It’s dual licensed, GNU or GPL.

  7. david1973 says:

    Wonderful, thanks again for this work !!

  8. Ali says:

    May one tell me how does it work? Where is the player file in Is there a document that describes the functionality of each file in

  9. Anthony says:

    Hi - I understand player.swf is published for FP9, and so player.fla must be a flash 9 file - but surely you could save player8.fla as a flash 8 file for the download?


  10. admin says:


    I can’t, because I made it in Flash 9. You can thank adobe for that complete lack of backwards compatibility.

  11. LeisureBeing says:

    Hello. Your work is great for sure. However, I have some suggestions which I think that could be improved:
    1) The control bar can be set to fixed height, which makes it looked better while the player is played on fullscreen or large size mode. Currently the bar is a little bit too large.
    2) Is it possible to add a seamless mode, which, doesn’t have any interface in the flv player. Further commands can be issued by CallFunction & FSCommand to make control of the flow of the playing.


  12. Brandon M. says:

    Can this player be used from your desktop, rather being web software? Probably help to specify.

  13. Ankur says:


    there is a small bug, while we open the demonstration in safari browser and play video in full screen, at that time no controls are working. i mean i cant pause, rewind, or do anything in the control bar.

  14. aampal says:

    I was using Flow player…
    and today found ur site….
    can I use this palyer for playing swf (not flv files) files

  15. Mike says:

    Dope player, thank you and keep on the good work!

  16. Shelon Padmore says:

    Great stuff

    - Shelon Padmore

  17. Aiden says:

    Hi, first I want to say, I LOVE this player.
    I want wondering though if/when it will be able to use multiple files(like playlist) where in the code generator you can add say like ,’video_part1.flv’ and also ‘video_part2′ and have part 2 play immediately after part 1, so you can watch both parts without having part one stop after its done and having to click on something to play part 2.
    I hope this makes sense lol
    keep up the great work! :)

  18. HanaDaddy says:

    Thanks for the Flash video player! I like your open source player!

  19. anonymous says:

    How do I install this?

  20. reto says:

    is there a way (an undocumented parameter perhaps) to hide the whole controlbar?

  21. Special says:

    Hi. Your player is wonderful, but i really dislike the volume control. Can you put a simple sliding volume control? or make this larger (width). Thanks!

  22. J Load says:

    i love the simplicity into your flv player, really the best one ;)

  23. neeraj says:

    does this player support RTMP streaming for server(red5) ?

  24. dsfasdfsadfsadf says:

    hi how id do playlist please help me

  25. ankhaa says:

    Hello admin! Please help me! How i do playlist !

  26. Vampy says:


    A big thanks with great respect and appreciation for the dude who made this!

    You made my day !

  27. Vampy says:

    Hey! I’m back with a problem, hope you can help!

    When I try to open the .fla files, it says : Unexpected file format.

    What’s wrong? The files are broken?

  28. farcanal says:

    Love the player! Is there any way to remove the big blue play button with white arrow which appears in the centre of the screen once a movie is initially loaded. (Not the small one on the control bar). Thanks heaps

  29. MArius says:


  30. |--A--| says:

    Hey, I just downloaded your player. Very nice but can anyone please tell me how can I add my logo in this player? Anyone?

  31. Jewels says:

    How could I tweak this to just be a player that will play a music stream? I appreciate any help you can give me in this area. Thanks in advance for your time.

  32. Raj says:

    seriously u r genius in that player…..
    keep it up..

  33. Mike says:

    I can’t get it to play files from imeem of veoh… :(

  34. Andrew says:

    Thanks! This is a great way to put a video on my site. Keep up the good work.

  35. amethyste says:

    Is there a way to add a logo on this player. I use this one and i’m verry happy of it :) Nice work

  36. admin says:

    There is no functionality built into the code to add a logo, however, it could be done within the FLA file.

  37. Mike says:

    keep up the good work

  38. Kurian says:

    I downloaded the zip files and when I try to run demo.php, I am getting error message ‘There was a problem loading your movie. Please try again later’. How to play the sample


  39. web er says:

    does any one have the install info for what access levels the files should have, I found it once I think this is why I can’t get it to work

  40. Brian says:

    Do you have a version using actionscript 3.0?

  41. admin says:

    Brian - We don’t currently have an AS3 Player but that is in the plans for the near future. Check back.

  42. Joseph says:

    Can this be used to download the .flv files? If not, are there any plans for such a feature in the near future?

  43. admin says:

    download .flv files from where? The player cannot download any files. There are no plans for that functionality.

  44. Rox says:

    Is there a way to remove the centered big play button?

    Thanks and great job!

  45. JS says:

    Thanks a lot for this. It works great!

  46. admin says:

    You could either make sure AutoPlay is on (set to “true”) or you could remove the Play Button from the stage before you Publish the file and add functionality to have another click to play button. Or, if you still want a click to play Play button, you could simply go inside the movie clip for the Play Button and edit the graphics.

  47. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for this open source video player. I had been looking, to little success, for a way to stream my FLV files for my portfolio. I finally stumbled across your lovely code. Thank you, especially, for the embedded code generator. That was a life saver!!

  48. alan says:

    Hi, first I want to say, I LOVE this player.
    I want wondering though if/when it will be able to use multiple files(like playlist) where in the code generator you can add say like ,’video_part1.flv’ and also ‘video_part2′ and have part 2 play immediately after part 1, so you can watch both parts without having part one stop after its done and having to click on something to play part 2.
    I hope this makes sense lol
    keep up the great work!

  49. Nirmal says:

    It is really a great player.

    I think you people have solved the ‘Full Screen’ issue in version 2.2.5.

    I have downloaded this version and try to see the demo, but it is not playing it is just showing me the loading process.

  50. admin says:

    Hm, not sure why the demo isn’t working. The swf should work fine though if you set it up correctly on your site.

  51. admin says:

    Unfortunately there is no functionality for a playlist right now. You would have to merge your videos out side of the player in order to view more than one. Maybe that will come in future releases. Thanks.

  52. Nirmal says:

    I am just watching the demo of version 2.2.5, but it is showing the the loading process not playing anything. I am running your default video only video.flv and did not make any change in the files.

  53. admin says:

    @Nirmal - I updated the demo on the Demonstration page to show v2.2.5 so you can check it out there.

  54. Nirmal says:

    Thank you, I saw the demo on the Demonstration page, but in this version there is not play button at bottom left corner. Could you please add it. I really need it in my site.

  55. admin says:

    @Nirmal - The play button appears after you click the big play button. It didn’t make sense to have both buttons and it caused the player to break at times. For autoplay, the player should show the regular play button. Also, when the video is done and its not set to autoplay, the big play button does not appear, the small play appears in the corner and the video autorewinds.

  56. Nirmal says:

    Thanks for the quick response. You people really doing great work :)

  57. Nirmal says:

    I love this player, but I don’t like the volume control. Could you please make the volume control something like YouTube has.

  58. admin says:

    @Nirmal - This may happen in a future release.

  59. Nirmal says:

    Good to know. Can we have red cross on volume when the we press it for mute in future release. Thanks in advance.

  60. Andy Viohl says:

    Hi, your player is great, thank you for your hard work. I have a comment though: I’m running it in my personal Apache server, and whenever I minimize the browser (tested on IE7 and Firefox 3), or maximize, or maximize or minimize any application, the player will briefly pause, but although very briefly, still very discernible and kind of annoying. I don’t know if this is a problem only in my system but anyway, I wanted to pinpoint it. Other sites that play FLV like youtube don’t show this behaviour. Thank you again.

  61. admin says:

    @Andy - Thanks for pointing this out. We will look into it.

  62. DearFAF says:

    How far away is the ability to dynamically display the still image? My application has a single page with the player embedded then it pulls in the video and would also like it to link to corresponding still image.

    Wouldn’t it only mean setting up up a variable to pass the name and location of the image rather than having it hard coded?

  63. admin says:

    @DearFAF - I was putting time into making the image dynamically load but it seems that very few people have a need for that. I will circle back to it in the near future. If you know AS2, you can set this up yourself in the .fla file. I will look into getting this functionality implemented soon.

  64. adam says:

    it’s a good one… but it’s not working in IE browser… can u help me out?

  65. admin says:

    @adam - are you sure you have the necessary files beside the player? especially AC_RunActiveContent.js.

  66. adam says:

    my mistake… it’s awsome!!!!! it’s working fine in IE browser…

  67. admin says:

    @adam - Great! Glad I was able to help you.

  68. Pěna says:

    Hi, is there any way to use your player instead of JW FLV Media Player in Shadowbox ( Shadowbox needs player.swf file and some more in his libraries folder. Thank you for your response ;-)

  69. admin says:

    @Pena - it should be very simple. it looks like the only files you need on that page are the swf and the movie.

  70. Paul says:

    Responding to your post #63…. I don’t now AS2, any help on how to open the .fla file and how the file needs to be edited. Thanks

  71. admin says:

    @Paul - You would need to open the .fla file (included in the bundle) in Flash. You would then need to create a Flash var for the image and an object to display it.

  72. Manish says:

    Hi… I dont know how to install this player in my website based on clip bucket script can anyone help me please soon
    Thnk You

  73. Rene says:

    I appreciate your hard work. The result is excellent, I like your player a lot. Thank you.

  74. Webmaster, Tour Operator of Bangladesh says:

    Nice player in Open Source!! :)

  75. Robbie says:

    Hello, tnx for this player, u are great:D
    I have see a problem on playerbar, if you click on this bar the video don’t work, you must reload anytime…This is little bug…

  76. J.J. says:

    Thank you so much for this flash player! You have no idea how much this helped me. I was searching everywhere for a free player and this one is awesome, easy to work with and free!

  77. Marcel Gerrebrands says:

    I like the comments about your player. But when i want to trie it i always get the report “file is damaged”. Can somebody pass me a correct installer. My os is symbian third edition. (Nokia N93)

  78. Hydraulic Valve says:

    I will try it,thanks

  79. Melinda says:

    I am trying to integrate this player with shadowbox js. So far I am able to get the error “There was a problem loading your movie. Please try again later.” Unfortunately I can’t get the video to play. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong? I am using an absolute path to the video file. Below is my code:

    TFL and Quadriceps Stretch Detailed Instruction

    I uploaded the player.swf to the libraries/mediaplayer directory for shadowbox.


  80. Melinda says:

    For some reason my code didn’t show up above. Let me try again:
    TFL and Quadriceps Stretch Detailed Instruction

  81. admin says:

    @Melinda - I will look into this. I don’t know much about shadowbox.js but I will do a little research and get back to you.

  82. ijostl says:

    Holy smokes you folks made this easy to use.
    Muchas gracias amigos y amigas!

  83. waza says:

    Thanks, very good player ! Now need to make Skins support, i would like to have Youtube skins.

  84. cwg says:

    FYI - the control bar is 40 pixels high in the default player file. If you don’t add 40 additional pixels to the height of your video in the code, it will be scaled down in the player window. Adding 40 pixels to height will give your video a perfect fit, with now black borders. Great player, thanks!

  85. andrew says:

    Where can we find the source code for V4.0?

    It is not in the zip (no .fla or .as file). Am I missing something? Thanks!

  86. admin says:

    For this release, we have only included the swf.

  87. Kevin says:

    When i move the OSplayer.swf to a different location then where my .html stands i cant seems to get it working.
    It is possible to change the location of the file OSplayer.swf right?

    I did it like this:

    I does load the player though but not the movie..

  88. admin says:

    Kevin, it is possible to move it, however, it would require you to update the path in the embed code on your page. The code generator gives you the code assuming that the swf is next to your html. Its not a difficult change if you are familiar with code.

  89. dieshell says:

    souerce code .fla?

  90. Omer Sabic says:

    in 4.05 the PHP files aside from flash.php are missing, but in flash.php there is “require getid3.php”. What should we do?
    Thank you.

  91. admin says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. I will have the revised package ready for download tomorrow, however, for now you can fix this issue by downloading an older package and grabbing the “flash” folder and adding it to your 4.05 bundle.

  92. golgo says:

    Hi, good job. I’m looking for a flv/f4v player that could play video files from a XML file, with the shuffle option. Do you think I could do something with your work ?

  93. admin says:

    Sure, if you are an experienced AS3 coder.

  94. Indrajit says:

    After Download ver 4.2 when i tried generate code page with valid input..nothing is is not there any way to make it work

  95. Babak says:

    Hello, great player! One thing I noticed: in the updated player there is a spinning circle that says “loading” over the player. For very large files its sits over the video nearly the entire time. The version of the player where the loading is shown in the control bar is more clever I think because it communicates not only that its loading but how far it has left to go as well. But anyway; this is one of the best players out there!

  96. Kyle Cordes says:

    I found this same problem, “in the updated player there is a spinning circle that says “loading” over the player.”. That seems like more than annoyance, it seems like it ruins the whole player, for video that takes more than a few seconds to load. I’m hoping there is a way to turn that off.

  97. arnoldstrife says:

    I’ve also stumbled upon the “loading” over the player issue. I have a 100mb flv file and the loading remains over the video for most of the play time.Is there a way to remove it or perhaps have the loading message not right in the middle of the screen?

  98. Captain Scatter says:

    Thanx i used this for my office intranet to stream movies and animations to everyone through our server.

  99. kaosland says:

    your player est good but in the code source , the osflv class is missing ( public class OSplayer extends osflv) so where i can download osflv


  100. Amit Sidhpura says:

    Hi, this is one of the best players available for free, but I have come across three problems,
    1. Loading image in the middle of the screen, while the video is playing but not completely loaded.
    2. When the video completely watched and when we replay the video the replay button is not removed in the second time playing the video.
    3. If we have kept autoloading option to be “off”, among the two play buttons “big one in the middle of screen” and the “small at the bottom along with other controls”, the small button will not work.

    Apart from these issues this player rocks!! Keep it up!!


  101. Amit Sidhpura says:

    Hey guys checkout the wordpress plugin I have developed using OSFLV v4.2.

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