Apr 28 2010

Updated release with better FLV loading

admin - 8:06 am

If you are using the AS3 player, be sure to download v4.2. This will be the final release of the AS3 player for a while. V4.2 handles loading FLVs much better than the previous AS3 versions.

Click Here to download OSFlvPlayer_v4.2

Apr 20 2010

Bug Fix for Preview Image

admin - 12:28 pm

Please download our latest version 4.1. There is a bug fix for an error that was being caused by not specifying a preview image.

Click here to download OSFlvPlayer v4.1

Apr 19 2010

Gallery for AS3 Player

admin - 7:45 am

Don’t forget to post your links here so your site can be added to the gallery.

Mar 23 2010

Missing PHP Files

admin - 8:18 am

If you downloaded the bundle prior to this morning, you are missing some of the PHP files that should be included. The bundle has now been updated to include all the necessary PHP files.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mar 19 2010

AS3 Player is now available

admin - 3:57 pm

The Actionscript 3.0 version of the OS FLV Player is now available here for download.
Features of the OS FLV Player 4.0:
•    Better load time
•    Smaller control bar
•    Vertical volume slider
•    Preview image URL is set up in code generator
•    More customization options (accent color, text color AND button color are seperate values)
•    Preview image can be an absolute or relative path
Installation and set up is slightly different than the old package, however, if you are familiar with code it should be fairly simple. Please visit the Documention or FAQ sections for help if you cannot get the player running.
Please notify us of any bugs you find with comments made on this post.

Mar 19 2010

Release of AS3 Player

admin - 8:28 am

The release of the AS3 Player has been put on hold. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Mar 12 2010

AS3 Player News

admin - 9:09 am

The AS3 OSFLV Player is in the process of being built. Check back this coming week for a new AS3 version release.

Mar 09 2010

Control Bar Size

admin - 9:28 am

Many people ask about how they can change the size of the control bar. In order to edit the size of the control bar, you would need to open the flash file and edit the stage items as well as the code.

The control bar will be redesigned when the AS3 player is eventually released.

Jan 29 2010

PHP Bug Fix

admin - 9:15 am

Someone brought this bug fix to my attention:

If movie contains quotes in name, JavaScript won’t be able to open the file. You must add $movie = htmlentities($movie, ENT_QUOTES); at 64 line in flash.php to fix this bug.

Hopefully this helps anyone who was having this problem.

Jan 13 2010

Happy New Year from OSFLV.

admin - 1:52 pm

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for your continued support of the OSFLV Player.

Throughout 2010, we will continue to improve and debug the player.

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